The Start: The Launching of Trails & Lifestyle

Why I Blog?

Blogosphere...made up of all blogs and their interconnections. Its been years I visited some blogs. I had my own picks and favorites. Years ago, I even tried to start my own. But time was my biggest problem why I wasn't able to keep up. But just this time, start of 2012, I was ignited  once and again.

3 Reasons of the Beginning:

1. I can't contain anymore the urge to continue my left-behind blogging every time I visit my fave travel and lifestyle blogs.

2. Just recently, I stumbled upon The Sole Sisters. They inspired me to really push it to the full and continue this stuff.

3. I have lots of stories to tell. And I want to promote Philippine Tourism especially our very own Davao City.

Through this blog, I unravel my footmarks. And I am excited to share with you a part of me. I hope you will grasp positive colours as you discover my Trails & Lifestyle!

Your Trailblazer,
Dave :)
 will share it with me. Happy trailing!


  1. Hey Dave! You're from Davao pala? I didn't know! Member ka ba ng Davao Bloggers? :) Anyway, cheers for your new blog! Hope you travel and explore more of PH soon!

    1. Hi RM:

      Yup dabawenyo pud ko! Haha! Im not yet a member of Davao Bloggers coz I still don't know how to! Hope you can help me how, coz im totally new with this. Now, you will be my 2nd list for my blog roll. Thanks for dropping by ;)




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