Manila 1st Visit: The Confession of an Airplane Ignorant

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, the dreamland of some "Probinsyanos".

Since Philippines is an archipelago, traveling from one island to another is a big challenge for Filipinos. Foreign tourists have the same constraint. Hence, not all populace of Visayas and Mindanao will have the chance to go to Manila. 

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I have been to Manila when I was still a kid, very 'lil kid. I was with my Tatay and Nanay for a convention but the details of the experience are not that vivid anymore. Last 2006, I went back to Manila and I consider that as my 1st official visit as far as my consciousness is concerned. It was a work-related travel.

Also, it was my first ever flight. The very start of my trail.

I kept the first plane booklet ticket of my life (after then, I had e-tickets )

Confession of an Airplane Ignorant:

All of us had our first airplane experience. With this flight, I experienced a lot of first-times. Now, I give you the right to laugh:

1. It was my first time to do the airport check-in procedure. Before getting inside the airport, I was very nervous if I can follow properly the standard protocol.

2. It was my first time to ride an airplane. While boarding, I was very very anxious. What if the window glass will break amidst the clouds? What if there will be an engine malfunction and the plane will crash in the ocean? Oh! To be ready, I have to select now my exit, so on and so forth.

3. To comfort myself, I keenly studied the life-saving procedure stated on that very card infront of me. The SMILE magazine pretty helped me too.

4. I prayed and...prayed. 

My first plane experience was with Cebu Pacific. Glad to say, it was a calm and a relax flight. It was a shift from anxiety to excitement. 

My first Cebu Pacific souvenir 

It was my first time to visit Mall of Asia. Comparing to what we have in Davao City, I find it grand. The globe icon was a cool landmark. 

Hahaha! Still young and thin back then. Too way different now.

Having all the infrastructures, indeed Manila is the capital of the country. Upon leaving, I knew it well that I will be back soon. In my upcoming post "Manila: The 2nd Visit", I will be sharing more exciting trails.

The Trail Impact:
After all, I am not ashamed of that once upon a time ignorance. It is not about how expensive your ticket was, how comfortable your airplane was, nor the fear and anxiety you felt. It is all about how you faced your fear and conquered your trail challenge. I did, but it was kinda funny.

What about you? How was your 1st Manila visit? What was your feeling during your first ever plane experience? How did you conquer your fear? Share your trails and drop your comments below!

Your Trailblazer,
Dave :)will share it with me. Happy trailing!


  1. I love airplane rides. I don't know. I started riding airplanes when I was 2, back and forth kami parati from Davao to Zamboanga. Then it halted for a very long time, then I resumed flying again back in 2010. Even if I have flown for a thousand times already, feeling ko pa rin, parang first time ko pa rin sumakay ng airplane. IDK, airplanes always excite me. :)

    1. RM:

      You said it right, I feel the same way! I still have that "worry" factor during boarding time. Its like always my 1st time. But I always enjoy the ride! I love the thrill!

      Anyway, I love your blog. Very clean! And of course, you got a domain. Hehehe! Keep up cause Im following your trail. ;)


  2. wow, thanks for reading my pinatubo post! Anyway, call me weird pero minsan a day before my flight, nagmamarathon ako ng Air Crash Investigation ng Nat Geo. Hahaha! I really love planes kasi. May section ka ako sa blog ko na dedicated sa aviation. :))

    1. RM:

      Your Pinatubo trail was awesome! I love the captures, vibrant colors. DLSR is my next project, pag-iipunan pa, lol! Yup Im exploring your profile and I realized you kinda have lots of interest.I will check more.

      Lois of Sole Sisters was my 1st official blog contact, and now, your the 2nd. Thanks for being friendly :)

  3. Hi Dave! I'm so happy and proud of you and your new blog. While reading your blog it brings back a lot of funny memories to me.Way back 2004 was my first riding experience from Davao to Manila and I'm alone. That was an unplanned travel but a very significant one for a job placement. I honestly don't have any idea or clue on what to do inside the airport, to spare myself not to be too obvious of my ignorance I sat down first in one of those benches in the airport and observe what others are doing. Through observing I was able to know what to do but I almost didn't catch my flight(hahaha). For almost 8 years now of flying back and forth to my workplace and some beautiful places it seems I feel comfortable and get used to already with all those airport routines but 3 months ago, ignorance strikes me again when I have this first ever long flight experience going to my new workplace. It's a 16 hours flight and I've experienced and learned a lot of new things in riding airplanes . One of the most important thing I've learned is that be observant and don't hesitate to ask if you don't know or not sure of anything especially in international airport procedures and requirements to avoid what I've been through(wala gipasakay hehehe)

    It's more FUN in the Philippines, keep flying and exploring our homeland Dave..

  4. Hi Bethel:

    Thank you so much for dropping. Its so great to see you here. I so can relate with your travel- ignorance experience, hahaha! And guess what? We're so blessed to have experienced such. Because it made as a stronger and fearless individuals. I am so happy how you started, explored, and survived the trail of your life: davao-manila-hongkong-canada, wow! Im so proud of you my friend!

    I wish you wellness and a great life there. Just buzz me if we will continue the "event planning" hahaha! I am just here, you know that.

    Keep your trails going,
    Dab ^_^

  5. Thanks my dear friend, my trail is a wonderful blessing from our Almighty and I'm enjoying every part of it. I hope one day we'll go on a trip together Dab.

    Regarding that "event planning" Dab, for sure we will continue that but not too soon until we can pass through our residency status because it's really hard to be apart(mkabuang hehehe)....

    Keep your trails going too Dab coz u inspire
    d us all...God bless, miss u my friend...



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