La Union 1st Visit: The Silent Stop-over

Surfer's haven, boulevard of old churches, avenue of serenity, that's La Union.

After kissing the fogs in Baguio, I decided to pay La Union a visit before heading back to Manila and fly home to Davao. La Union is a province located in the Ilocos Region or Region 1 in Luzon. San Fernando City is the capital of the  province, the prime capital city of Ilocandia.

Outside the Church of San Fernando, La Union

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Upon my arrival at San Fernando, I felt silence. Less people, only tricycles, fresh air. During my quick visit, I went to the park and visited the old church. I was slapped off by serenity. Riding a jeepney to San Juan, I found another old church. 

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I was'nt able to take good pics due to time constraint and battery life. Upon leaving, I knew I will be back with friends and taste the other side of La Union like the trail of my favorite trailblazer, Lois. Soon!

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This is Lois of sole sisters. She spent her Christmas surfing in La Union. Fun trail!

The Trail Impact:
Sometimes, our lives seem to be so loud that we yearn for silence. As we search for peace, we find it through places, other people, just within yourself, and mostly: in God's sweet embrace.

What about you? Was there a time that you wanted silence so badly? What have you done then? Share your trails and drop your comments below! 

Your Trailblazer,
Dave :)

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