Baguio 1st Visit: The Childhood Dream

The summer capital of the Philippines, the bed of pine trees, Baguio City.

After I experienced my very first flight, my trail continued. Before my family transfered here in Davao City, we lived back then in a silent town of Agusan del Sur when I was a kid. One happy day, my sister and I were dreaming of drifting somewhere, far from our place. We said let's go to Manila, then head to Baguio! Then we burst into loud laughters. Why? Because we simply knew that it was impossible: we are kids, we are poor, and we are too far.

We transfered to Davao City, graduated, and worked for a living. Years after, the impossible trail happened. Without even noticing, I was on my way to my childhood dream, I was indeed heading to Baguio City. Still, it was a work-related travel.

When the fogs visited the city, I kissed it.

The Mansion

My very first souvenir from the City of Pines. Until now, I am keeping the Igorotak shirt, sling bag, and the wooden pencil.

Posted below are some of my video captures during the trail. I love my weight then, still thin, hahaha! In my upcoming article "Baguio: The 2nd Visit", I kinda gained weight, and my hairstyle changed also.

Dreams are possible indeed. Few months after my visit, my sister Zillah explored her own trail in Baguio City. She had her own adventures. Follow her trails below.

The Mountains of Cordillera

The lady gaga horse.

Say "Igorotak" for just Php10.00

The Trail Impact:
Dreams are possible, no matter how simple or big they are. Visiting a city on a hill was amazing, praise God for His creation. As the fogs kiss the pine trees, Baguio indeed is the summer capital of the Philippines. Walking along the Session Road at night, I spelled the word COLD. As I ran inside the non-airconditioned SM Mall, it was like a fire place, soothing my numbed skin. I want my Nanay to follow this trail, soon!

What about you? How was your 1st Baguio visit? What have you learned after exploring the trails of Baguio City? Share your trails and drop your comments below!

Your Trailblazer,
Dave :)


  1. LOL. the memory of that conversation is still vivid in my head...and it always makes me smile even laugh (out loud) everytime i remember.. how innocent we were then with our dreams seemed to be very impossible to happen. we were like saying "a penny for our thoughts" and laugh out hard at the top of our lungs til we're out of air and our stomachs hurt. But indeed, dreams do come true! we have been to places we dreamed about when we were kids and even been to places we never dreamed of, and note- in a very "effortless" means. Now, we still laugh in amazement knowing how those tête-à-tête we had when we were little came to pass especially this "Manila-Baguio" thing. It was funny then, but yea, let's keep on dreaming..erhm, how about "America then Europe" this time?! HAHAHAHA! Hilarious, isn't it?.. SEE? it feels the same way (way back when we had that conversation), as though I'm speaking with my brain under my pants. LOL!!!

    1. Hahahaha! You nailed it to the core Zil, wiping off my saliva. God just blessed us so much that somehow we cannot contain. As we say it, we do it. Palawan is upcoming. I hope it wont be your last trail as your dear hubby is saying. You know the priniciple. Life is short and if the pocket will allow? Why not? Siblings in America and Europe: watch out! Hahaha! ;)

  2. BAGUIO CITY, a very beautiful place created by our Almighty God. This place brings back a lot of fun and happy memories for me and my hubby as this was our second travel together as a couple. We are both looking forward of going back there if our pocket will allow. We are praying.

    1. Hi Bethel:

      I highly agree, Baguio is a very beautiful and gifted by God. It offers variety of trails for varied tourists. Im glad you discovered the trail for the lovebirds like you, hahaha! Kidding aside, Baguio is romantic and good for couples to celebrate more their love.

      I wish you two can go back there, soon!

      Keep your trails goin'
      Dab ^_^



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