About Me

Trails & Lifestyle is a travel and lifestyle blog of Dave G. Curada. The editor runs his own events management business as the Proprietor Manager. He also administers a school as a Curriculum Coordinator. He loves to travel and climb mountains. He is an enthusiast of coffee, culinary arts, photography, interior design, and events. 

"At the end of the day, we do not remember days but we remember moments. 
Let us continue to follow our trails and live our lifestyle!"


  1. wow! welcome back to blogging!!! thanks for adding me on your blog roll... i've followed and added u as well... thanks!!! see you on the road! ^_^

    1. Hi Mervz:

      Thank you for sparing time to drop by! As you can see, this blog is just starting. Slowly, I am just sharing my past travels up to the present and beyond. You guys inspire me. I love your white water rafting trail here in my place. Balik ka! :)

      Keep your trails going! I am following you...

      God bless,



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