Agri-Trade Fair: The 76th Araw ng Dabaw

After visiting the malls, my next itinerary was the Agri-Trade Fair 2013. 
Because I love flowers as my photography subjects, I really did not miss visiting the Agri-Trade Fair this year. 

There were greeneries arrayed for landscaping. The different colours of locally grown orchids like the famous Waling-waling and many others were very attractive. 

The cacti, herbs, and spices were very interesting too. 

Tourists were not able to resist the Durian, Mangosteen, and Lanzones. 

I was also amazed by the hair styles of the chickens there. The pretty birds were very lovely as well. 

Truly, Araw ng Dabaw is a day of harvest and bounty!

Happy Trails,
Dave :)

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