Day 5 Mt. Apo Challenge: The Final Exit

Then came the last day of the biggest challenge of my life. This is the trail story on the 5th day of my Mt. Apo Challenge. 

I had a very good rest at the Lake Venado camp site. Upon waking up, I was rejuvinated by the tranquility of the lake. Looking uphill, the Mt. Apo Peak seemed to be very near.

It was Easter Sunday and I missed my family. It was time for me to proceed with the final route so I packed my things up and I was homebound.

 We departed Lake Venado around 9:00 AM and we were off to Kolan Exit Point. 
The natural views were picturesque.
We passed by the famous old tall tree.
Sometimes, I stopped just to feel and commune with nature.
We also spared time to refill our water bottles direct from the fresh flowing spring. It was so cool!
But along the trail, it rained so hard and I experienced the most difficult part of my Mt. Apo Challenge. At that time, it was impossible to take pictures. One false move and it's done. I had to pull some vines, grasp some roots, embrace some trunks, and roll down the muddy slope just to survive.
Then, I got a knee injury.
I found a stream to rest and had some cold compress. It was so difficult for me to trek so I traversed the exit point slowly but surely.
We finally arrived at Sitio Baruring at around 5:00 PM where the habal-habal transportation terminal is located.
It was not easy. The trails are very hard. It was once in a lifetime. And I made it by God's grace. To God be the glory!

Happy trails,
Dave :)

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