Jewel of the City: The 76th Araw ng Dabaw

The busy street life of Davao City during the 76th Araw ng Dabaw was truly captivating. Such compelled me to visit a more silent yet interesting place to explore. So I revisited the center of culture and heritage of Davao City, the Museo Dabawenyo.

I have been to Museo Dabawenyo for a couple of times but this visit was a special one. 

I never thought I would be meeting an amazing artist, one of the jewels of Davao City: Engr. Manuel A. Mendros, CE, GE, ME, MBA. 

He was the feature of the 5th One-Man Art Exhibit. His "Mayors' Portraits" were on display at Museo Dabawenyo, giving the public an opportunity to track back the faces of the 31 Mayors of Davao City. 

The oil paintings were very amazing, each one was intricately done. Also, the replica of his sketches were displayed for sale.
Other paintings, crafts, and artworks of the local artists were also displayed at the Museo Dabawenyo. Indeed, the 76th Araw ng Dabaw is a day of artistry, culture, and heritage.

Happy trails,
Dave ^_^


  1. the jeepney is so cute. parang tricycle lang today. haha.

    1. Yup, I will agree to that. Thanks for dropping by :)



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