Day 4 Mt. Apo Challenge: Trails to Lake Venado

This is my trail story on the 4th day of my Mt. Apo Challenge.

 Much as I wanted to stay longer at the peak of Mt. Apo, it was time for me to continue the trek from the Mt. Apo Summit going down to Lake Venado.

We departed around 9:00 AM. The trail going down the slope was difficult because it was very slippery but it was fun trekking with trail buddies.

We arrived at Lake Venado camp site around 2:00 PM. 
The lake was very serene. 
I was full of mud so I washed myself at the lake including my gears.
It was time for us to install our tent to rest and enjoy the scenery. 
The sunset came and it was very comforting.

 Lake Venado was very relaxing so I had an early rest.

Happy trails,
Dave ^_^

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