Day 2 Mt. Apo Challenge: The Farmville

In my previous post "Day 1: Mt. Apo Challenge", I shared to you the scenes behind the first day of the big challenge: I met other climbers from Surigao, my camera had some problem that caused these low quality photographs, and I experienced sleeping along the street of a public market. 

Then came Day 2, 4:00 AM of April 5, 2012, the 2nd day of the big challenge. It was time for us to go to Kapatagan Camp for the official registration. This post is a picture story.

The Hitch Ride with a Delivery Truck 4:00 AM

The Arrival at Kapatagan Camp 5:00 AM

The Registration at Sitio Baras

The Releasing of Official Shirt & Mountaineering Permit

The Goal

The Emergency Assistance

The Trails

The Start

Exploring Farmville

Resting with Bagtac Mountaineers

Meeting a Local Farmer

Going Higher

A Farmville Video

Entering the Forestland

Lunch Break

Pressing Toward the Goal

Holding Tight to Survive

Mt.Apo Spring Water

3 Hours More to Go

The Rain Forest

Crawl to Survive

En route to the Promise Land (Camp Gudi-Gudi)

The Arrival at Camp Gudi-Gudi
(Permitted locals sell some bread at P15.00-P30.00)

Looking for a Tent Spot

Installing the Tent
(To rest after a long day of hike)

It's done, the day full of first times: it was my first time to hike for 8 hours carrying a heavy pack bag, touch some fresh and huge cabbages amidst the sweet kisses of fogs, talk and hike with professional mountaineers, walk into the mud (almost knee level), be in the middle of a rain forest not believing that I was even there, eat my lunch in the midst of the forest land, rappel through the roots to traverse a cliff and survive, and drink from the flowing spring water. Simply amazing!

Faces of the Fulfilled

Camp Gudi-Gudi is the resting place and the stop over of the mountaineers before heading to the boulders up to the summit. After the long day, I still can't believe that I did it. I started to have a severe leg muscle pain but everything was worth it. The hot dinner was perfect and the group talk was really fun. Before the 2nd day was over, I thanked God for the strength, protection, friendship, and the awesome nature experience. As I lay down, I closed my eyes and was excited for the next day. I fell asleep, and Day 2 was over.

So what happened on the third day of the climb? Watch out for my Boulder Face experience, the Sulfur Vent encounter, the White Sand Camp lunch break, the 87 Degree final climb challenge, The Crater, and the highest goal...The Peak! Stay tuned and discover more about my Mt. Apo Challenge 2012!

Your Trailblazer,


  1. Murag weeks pod me naghulat sa imo follow up sa Mt. Apo series. Hehehe. It was worth it. At least we know now what we can expect pag mangatkatkat me sa Mt. Apo. For sure murag need gyud mag alaxan og ponstan human ana. ^_^


    1. Hi Sky,

      Once and again, I'm sorry for the delay. Was just very busy lately with business tasks. I realized that as a blogger, I have the responsibility to continue whatever blog series I have started. That's why I really spared time to update: better late than never, that is. Hehehe!

      Anyhow, thanks for keeping in touch. Day 3 is upcoming, the most difficult day for this challenge. So stay tuned. Keep your trails going! ^_^

      The Trailblazer



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