Mt. Puting Bato: Dawning of the Thief

It was a little dusky already when we arrived at the peak of Mt. Puting Bato, the highest peak of IGACOS via Tayapoc Trail. I had limited captures of the sunset, so I planned to wake up early the next morning to chase the sunrise. After dinner, I communed with nature, enjoyed the city lights, conversed with the moon, and had a good rest.

It was already dawn and I woke up excitedly. I was so shocked when I went out from the tent and found my iPad on the ground very much exposed to morning dew, I was pretty sure that I placed it inside my pack bag. Then I realized that my pack bag was gone and all our stuff were scattered on the ground and items were missing. I shouted and called the attention of my Sib Zil, yes, theft!
My North Face pack bag was stolen so with my Php 4,000 cash and 2 Samsung cellphones. Our wallets, shoes, clothes, and cosmetics were all gone too, with a total rough estimate of Php 21,800. The thief left some of our things that he cannot afford to carry, as well as the things he's ignorant about, like my iPad, just so funny right?

Anyhow, we immediately reported the incident to the caretaker, the only person who knew that we were there. As shared on my previous post, the peak of Mt. Puting Bato is a private resort cordoned with barbed wire so I had a feeling that it was an inside job. We really evaluated the details of his reaction. Nothing, no satisfying reaction from a caretaker who must be responsible of the guests' wellfare. He just said that it's a common case since villagers are nearby, what? Really now?
We all agreed to stay calm and hold our violent reactions since our lives were all at risk, if ever. It was a choice to be ruined or enjoy the captivating sunrise.

I already lost my things and I can't afford to lose the chance to experience nature at its best. So I opted to move on: the sun kissing the ocean was magnificent and the clouds embracing us was overwhelming.

While preparing our breakfast, the Lapok climbers arrived. They were alarmed upon hearing our report and shared such when they got back to Tagbitinao Camp where they stayed overnight.

After having enough of the place, we decided to exit and report the case officially to the Police Station so thay can act on it and spare the rest of the upcoming climbers. 

The station was saddened by the incident since Mt. Puting Bato is one the tourist destinations of IGACOS. The police assured us that they will immediately address the case.

In my next post, I will be sharing about the amazing dog who guided us from the peak to Tagbitinao Camp. Stay tuned for the trail story why you should try the Guilon Trail as your exit. At the end of the day, it's not about the loss, it's about how God protected us. It's not about the discomfort, it's all about the experience. It's not just about the mistakes, but it's all about the lessons to keep, for life.

Happy trails,
Dave ^_^

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