Mt. Puting Bato: Our Guide To Tagbitinao Camp

In my previous post entitled "Mt. Puting Bato: The Dawning of the Thief", I never allowed the theft incident to get through my gut and spoil my moments with the trails of Mt. Puting Bato, the highest peak of IGACOS.

After breakfast, we opted to depart and took the Tagbitinao Trail & Guilon Trail as our exit. Surprisingly, there was a dog who guided us enroute to Tagbitinao Camp. We passed by a dry land and it was like a different dimension. I was really confused why the bushes were burned. It was weird but visually cool at the same time.

The challenging phase of the Tagbitinao Trail was the jump-and-climb challenge at the famous "Bi-ak na Bato". I find it fun but dangerous for Angelo, our kiddo trailblazer. Anyhow, thank God and we all did it safely. After an hour of moderate trekking, we finally arrived at Tagbitinao Camp.

We were welcomed by other climbers who stayed there overnight. Prior to our arrival, they already heard about our huge loss thru the Lapoc Climbers who visited the peak while we were having our breakfast. The Tagbitinao Camp caretaker then told us that it's really not safe to stay at the peak overnight. Lesson learned.

Indeed, dogs are amazing, they are truly man's bestfriend.

Happy trails,
Dave ^_^

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