Mt. Puting Bato: Surviving The Night

It was already dusky when we arrived at the Peak of Mt. Puting Bato, the highest peak of IGACOS. Then I took some time to remove the thorns on my trekking tights. After the tiresome climb, it was time to rest.

While sitting on the rock, I then witnessed the beautiful sunset and the advent of dusk. The color of the ocean, the shades of the clouds, and the ray of lights were changing like a live painting in front of my very eyes. The overlooking picturesque was misty and mysterious.

To survive a night at the peak of Mt. Puting Bato, the primary stuff to prepare aside from the tent is of course, food! I highly recommend to bring with you the easy to cook ones. 

The simple meal was very delicious because I was pretty starving.
After the dinner, I enjoyed the fresh air embracing my very soul while watching the city lights from afar. I had a good taste of nature, the full moon called it a night, then I slept.
Indeed, surviving the night at Mt. Puting Bato was truly a good treat. Stay tuned for my next post: I slept early to chase the sunrise. When I woke up, my pack bag and other stuff were all gone...

Happy trails,
Dave ^_^

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  1. would love to conquer Mt. Puting Bato too! Hello Dave! thanks for visiting my site. Breakaway! :)



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