Rearborough Farm: My Marlboro Country

Pine trees, flowers, blue skies, cold spring, country breeze, and a country home: all these and more in Rearborough Farm.

After I tasted a slice of Paradise in Panglao Island, my trail continued.

I explored the trail of Rearborough Farm.

Back then in 2007, I was a Technical Director of a certain school. Together with the staff, we worked hard to make the school graduation a huge success. After the rough days of preparation, we all deserve a treat: to inhale a different kind of air, to rest, and to sleep with extravagance.

I called the Rearborough Farm as a Marlboro Country because the team experienced good scenes of hills and valleys before reaching the very place. Along the trail, we were welcomed with animals raised by the local farmers. Such was pretty different from the city sites and sights.

Upon our arrival, I was really amazed by the house standing in front of me. The shape was polygon inspired with crazy cuts. I fell in love with the rustic feel yet welcoming enough with its country ambiance. I had no choice but to plunge into a photo shoot session, hahaha!

The Rearborough Farm is a private property located in Bukidnon. We had the access to avail and consume the place because of the "friendship power". Yes, it's near Buda, where I unraveled one of its secrets. Surrounding the house were trees and green grasses shaped by cold climate. I so envy the place because it offers authentic tranquility and serenity at its best.

One thing that I will never forget about this farm was my first time to experience a "fireplace and its chimney". We all know that those are just for Western communities, except for special houses here in the Philippines that are strategically located in cold uphills. That's why the moment I saw the fireplace, it was literally a big wow for me. A child deep within me was jumping with gladness because I only saw and read about these home articles in stories and movies.

I genuinely felt warmth amidst the cold night back then. Experiencing dusk in Rearborough was truly cinematic. It was a total eye candy for me and my team. The dinner complimented well with the background. It was a different world. It was a different feel. It was indeed a good treat after the rigorous preparation of the graduation event.

The pictures below will tell the story about the flowers resting gracefully in their beds at Rearborough. The caretakers did a great job. They were truly beautiful. They were alive before my eyes.

If Buda has a secret, the Rearborough Farm also has a hidden place to offer. It has a cold spring, literally cold. And they use to say that many tried to reach the bottom of the spring but nobody succeeded in doing so. I personally enjoyed the cold touch of the spring. But it was even more fun with friends, my dear angels. My angels are also my travel buddies, and we still have lots of trail stories to tell.

The Trail Impact:
Rest is a basic human need, like food and sleep and touch. And if we won't give it to ourselves willingly, we'll find a way to get it anyway--like bingeing or collapsing. Rest is different from sleep. Rest is different from collapsing. Rest is taking a time-out before your body will give up.

What about you? Have you been to a farm that truly amazed you? Where was that? Share your trails by dropping your comments below!

Your Trailblazer,
Dave :)

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