Kalaban to Kaibigan: My Heinz-United Airlines Blog Contest Story

I started blogging (formally) just this January 2012. A month after, I received an email from Heinz Phils. inviting me to join the Heinz-United Airlines Blogging Contest. The winner will receive a trip package to Guam (for two). All I got to do is to post two blogs about my fun experience with Heinz tomato ketchup and the reasons why I want to go to Guam as well as with the things that I will be doing there if given the chance.

But I had second thoughts if I will give it a try since the winner will be determined by the number of LIKES on Facebook. I also doubted if I could make it since the other entries were veteran bloggers. But my friends were able to convince me to just.....simply try.

So I submitted my two entries: "My Hunger Saver: Heinz Tomato Ketchup?" and "My Dream Trail: GUAM!" I only got 1,000+ friends on Facebook and I was very surprised with the support I received from my friends and their friends too! I was doing well with the number of my "likes" but a new entry came in.

Ms. Maria of "Basta Igat, Sikat" was my close opponent in the competition. Upon checking her Facebook friends, she got 3,500+ friends, and yes, I was pressured, hahaha! But I still gave my best: messaging online friends to like my entries and asking them to convince their friends to like too, disturbing my close friends to think of clever strategies on how to gather more likes, letting go of my iPad for two days just to support such strategy. Really, I underwent a pretty tough experience but it was fun, very fun! Such a thrill!

Until now, I am always amazed with the thought that I gathered 2,000+ likes in each of my entries. I owe it all to the people who supported me with all their hearts and to those that I even don't know but still they gave their support. 

So where's the TWIST?

Before the time deadline, I've known that Ms. Maria gathered 3,000+ plus likes already per entry, too far to beat. So I decided to cease fire and I sent her a personal message: I introduced myself, I congratulated her and surprisingly, we had a very nice chat! We shared our "behind the scenes" about the competition and it was so funny that we experienced the same thing. Other details will be ours to keep. We became good friends then!

The competition was worth the try! I have learned so many things, a lot, that is. Let me re post my thanksgiving note on Facebook:

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all who liked my entries.
My deep gratitude to those who gave effort (behind the scene)
to convince others to like too, you know who you are. 2nd place feels like 1st!
The overwhelming support I received from all of you made me feel like the BIG WINNER!
From my heart...DAGHANG SALAMAT!!! -Dave ^_^

At the end of the day, it was indeed from Kalaban to Kaibigan...and it's more than the prize.

Your Trailblazer,
Dave :)


  1. Hi Dave! Finally found time to check your post and comment! Thanks for this blog post my new friend :) I'll be sure to remember "the slice" I promised when I take the trip. Sending me a message before the contest ended was a real nice gesture. I truly appreciate it and I'm glad I gained a friend after the contest. If you need anything, a chat or some blogging/business talk, I'm here always. ^_^


  2. Hi Ms. Maria,

    Thanks for dropping by. Sharing a "slice" of Guam when you take the trip is such a humble act, upon hearing it from you, I was truly touched. It is my prayer that you will have a great time there with your family. I'm also glad to gain a friend after the contest. And yes, I would be happy to have your assistance about blogging and business, hehehe! Keep your trails going Ms. Maria!

    The Trailblazer ^_^



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