Mactan 1st Visit: Where I Met Lapu-Lapu

Shades of history, trails of the warriors, land of the heroes, the island of Mactan.

I was comforted by Camudmud Samal Island after my father's death, then my trail continued.

I explored for the 1st time the trails of  Mactan Island.

That was 2007 when I first visited Mactan, Cebu. It was a work-related travel. I was very excited to explore the very place of Lapu-Lapu. We all know that Lapu-Lapu was the ruler of Mactan who is known as the first native of the archipelago to have resisted the Spanish colonization. Historians regarded him as the first Filipino hero.

Mactan is an island located a few kilometres from Cebu Island. The island is part of Cebu Province and it is divided into Lapu-Lapu City and the municipality of Cordova. My travel was more fun with friends.

The island is separated from Cebu by the Mactan Channel which is crossed by two bridges: the Marcelo Fernan Bridge and the Mactan-Mandaue Bridge.The Mactan-Cebu International Airport, the country's second busiest airport is located in Mactan island.

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My trail was more on resort hopping as I was tasked to do so. Mactan has lots of AAA resort hotels. One is the Plantation Bay: lying in 11.4 hectares, it offers one of the largest privately-owned waterways in the world, with the clean elegance of colonial-plantation architecture. It has a beautiful man-made lagoon.

Our next stop was Cebu White Sand Resort. They feature the export quality furniture industry of Cebu. One of their highlights is the pond full of big colorful fishes. The resort is very clean and serene.

Then we hopped to Tambuli. Ahhh, white sand beach! There were lots of foreign tourists there. Mactan is indeed gifted with beautiful beaches. Tambuli also has a property in Panglao Island. The place was like a paradise. The rooms are in tropical asian feel.

Then lastly, we headed to Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa. This property is also an AAA resort hotel. But, due to time constraints, I was not able to get inside. Hmmm...what's in there? Don't worry, in my future post, I will feature this resort since I went back to Mactan just for this, hahaha!

The Trail Impact:
The connotation that history is just within the books is a fallacy. Our history a gift. A treasure told from the mouth of the ancestors and through the pages of the books. Our history is a jewel to keep. Our present will never be like this without the past. So it is but fitting to look back and spare time to explore our heritage, our dear Philippines.

What about you? Have you been to Mactan Island? Were you able to discover a heritage spot in the Philippines? Where? Share your trails by dropping your comments below!

Your Trailblazer,
Dave :)


  1. oh i will remember that bridge forever, the bridge where i fell in love and the same one that broke my heart, all in a span of two weeks!


    1. Hi Ron!

      Thanks for dropping by. Wow, what a bridge memory that was really nailed in your heart,hmmmm! Love life? Thats an exciting trail huh, haha! Im pretty sure its just yours to keep :)

      I love your flips,
      Dave ^_^

  2. wow bigatin naman ng mga resort na napuntahan mo! pupunta kmi dyan sa cebu on august and sana makapag stay kami kahit isa lang sa mga resort na pinagstayan nyo..

    1. Hi Joan,

      Thanks for checkin this simple blog. I added you on my blog roll also. Yup, ganda ng mga resorts dun and it's great to hear na pupunta kayo on August. Enjoy Mactan and Cebu, its a very fun-filled destination!

      I love your Zambales captures,
      Dave ^_^

  3. Hello,

    I haven't been to Cebu yet... thanks for giving me a glimpse of some of the places to check out there. You have a nice blog. Please add me in your blog list so i can do the same. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Japh!

      Mactan Cebu has lots to offer, I hope you'll find your own Mactan trail soon! Sure, I will add you on my blogroll. Thanks! ^_^

      Keep your trails going,

  4. Hi, Are the other hotels like Shang Mactan allows tourist to go in just to check the place? I know that Plantation Bay allows that..thanks.

  5. try to visit badian cebu,, big four golf resort



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