Cebu 1st Visit: Where I Met the Dragon

Where the hills and the ocean met, and a city sitting in between. Where the heritage sites and sights were kept safe, the oldest street of the Philippines is located, and the tallest hotel is built, hail Cebu City!

After I met Lapu-Lapu in Mactan Island, my trail continued.

I explored for the 1st time the trails of Cebu City.

That was 2007 when I first visited Cebu City for a work-related travel. The City of Cebu (Cebuano: Dakbayan sa Sugbo) offers varied tour elements for different kinds of tourists:  beaches, museums, food, shopping, night life, and all kinds of adventure, making it as one of the top tourist destinations of the Philippines.

After exploring the trails of Lapu-Lapu City, we went to Cebu City, and headed directly to the Taoist Temple. There I met the dragon.

Cebu City is the capital city of Cebu and is the "second city" in the Philippines, the second most significant metropolitan centre in the Philippines and known as the oldest settlement established by the Spaniards in the country.

After visiting the Taoist Temple, we headed to our accommodation, the Crown Regency Residences.

As part of the travel task, I had some encounters with the staff of the hotel's F&B outlet, the Fifties Cafe.

A very accommodating hotelier.

It was a good hotel stay. The accommodation was clean and I had a good rest after a long travel. I actually stayed with the same hotel when I went back to Cebu City, details will be posted soon! On the second day, we visited the famous Magellan's Cross.

Just very near from the Magellan's Cross, we headed to the oldest church in the Philippines, the Basílica Minore del Santo Niño.

The day after, we left Cebu City, telling myself that I will be back here for more trails and taste the other side of Cebu adventures. I had some captures of the travel and the video is posted below.

The Trail Impact:
I was refreshed that religion will always be part of our culture, and it has a rich history. There might be walls that divided the people due to religion and beliefs, but respect is a virtue that could neutralize the varieties. Indeed, Cebu City is the oldest city of the Philippines, and I am so glad how the locals preserved their past amidst the rising future.

What about you? Have you been to Cebu City? What were your adventures, misadventures, and what not? Share your trails by dropping your comments below!

Your Trailblazer,
Dave :)


  1. Well said... I like the trail impact. :-)

  2. Hi Joel:

    Hahaha! Thanks for liking the trail impact element of this blog. Yes, at the end of the day, it is not about the great pictures, it is not about the souvenirs you had, it is about how your travel changed you as a learned person.

    Thanks for following my trails,
    Dave ^_^

  3. Robert Jeorge T. Dela CruzFebruary 16, 2012 at 12:01 AM

    i wonder whats the dragon all about .. ((: So so nice.. Looking more for this sir. AYU AYU..

    1. Hi Jeorge,

      Thanks for dropping by! hahaha! Actually, figuratively I have a secret funny story about the "dragon" and kilala mo siya. ^_^

      Thanks for following my trails. Cheers to bottoms up!

      Sir Dave ^_^

  4. Dave pa gamit ng sang image mo ( one with you on Taoist Temple stairs). I use it as comparison to Taoist temple here in KL. I credit the photo naman and your link ^_^

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Joey,

      Not a problem. I highly appreciate the effort to ask for permission. Padayon lang ^_^

      Dave ^_^

    2. By the way, here is the link of the one I featured in my blog.

      Thanks ulit ng marami!


    3. Joey,

      I just read the post. Cool! I posted the blog on my wall too...
      Say hi to Summer!

      Dave ^_^



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