Mt. Apo Challenge: The Preparation


In my previous post "Mt. Apo Challenge: The Rationale", I shared to you the reasons why I really wanted to climb the highest peak of the Philippines. 

Though very sudden, the right time arrived. It was time for me to do my very first climb, and my very first mountain, ever. The perfect time for me to unravel its danger and fun came. It was time for me to not just look at it from afar while riding a jeepney, but it was time for me to commune within its heart. The time came for me to listen to its call and unearth its mystifying world...the world of Mt. Apo.

How long was my preparation?

Amidst the celebration of the 75th Araw ng Dabaw, I had series of discussions with my friend Ivy Marie Uy regarding the Mt. Apo climb. We laid down the route, the itinerary, the list of the things to bring, and the budget plan. Both of us were first timers: no background ever, not even a minor climb. But we were both very eager to try the challenge.

But weeks after our meeting at Tata Benito's Coffee Shop, things went vague. There were problems as to availability and there were monetary constraints as well. I was quite disappointed but my friend said that she will find a way. I was really waiting for her positive update, then surprisingly, last April 1, she said that we will hit the road on April 4. I was not yet sure of it but I was truly hopeful that it will come to pass. Then I called for a final meeting last April 2 at Kangaroo Coffee Shop.

So we had coffee and finalized the trek plan. We decided to meet last April 3 to purchase and complete all the things needed for the climb on April 4, that's one day only before the big challenge. So we did it, in a very rush manner, we walked around the city and looked for the stuffs to bring...just for a day, that is. 

What were the things that I prepared?

As a freelance climber and as a first timer, I'm pretty sure that this list is still incomplete. However, these were the things that I prepared: tent, insulator (in lieu for earth pad), blanket, air pillow, mask, scarf, pack bag, gloves, raincoat, trek pants and shorts, underwears, face towels, light shirts, leggings, jacket, bonnet, socks, shoes, slippers, burner/butane, cook set, cutting tools, tumbler, tissue, shades, hat, sleeves, sunblock, lip balm, medicines, food, medical certificate, gadgets, success note, and other things that I brought and failed to note.

Two nights before the climb, I read blogs about success stories and fail epics regarding Mt. Apo climb. I was even bothered about that altitude or mountain sickness that I read. So I asked for advises from my blog icon Olan- The Travel Teller, he shared to me essential pros & cons and I dearly appreciate his concern, thank you my friend. Continue to be a good light to other travelers. 

My family heard about my Mt. Apo attempt, but they also had a thought that it's cancelled. The moment I got the final update from my friend Ivy that we will surely hit the road, I texted my Nanay who was also traveling then and I'm so grateful to have her blessings and prayer. Thank you Nanay for the support! I love you!

Then came the big day, April 04, 2012, it was the day for me to embark and start the trail of my greatest summer venture: The Mt. Apo Challenge 2012! The challenge that changed my perspective.

So what happened on the first day of the challenge? What was the reason why I slept in a public market? Stay tuned and discover more about my Mt. Apo Challenge 2012.

Your Trailblazer,


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